What is a Distribution Hub?

We live in a fast paced world driven by ever changing voice, data and video solutions. Your LYNXNET Distribution Hub will provide you with the flexibility to decide what technology you have access to and where.

LYNXNET Distribution Hubs are technologically advanced flush mounted enclosures designed to provide media device control around the house and smart means of distributing internet, telephone & television to all rooms from one centralised location.

How will a Distribution Hub benefit me?

  • After installation, the home-owner can make any changes any time without needing to call an electrician
  • Using a suitable adaptor box, the Lynxnet Distribution Hub allows you to interconnect any device via HDMI, VGA and USB
  • Smart-looking, neat finish.

Lynxnet Distribution Hub vs. Wi-Fi

High speed Wi-Fi ac technology is here and Wi-Fi Alliance claims that any certified device with Wi-Fi ac will deliver high speed. Fair enough but in practice you are not likely to see any device with this new technology reaching the theoretical maximum speed of 1.3Gbps because the conditions you need to reach that speed requires a laboratory not your house or office. The first generation Wi-Fi ac hit a high of 331Mbps which is about 4x less – in the real world no-one ever gets close to theoretical speeds.

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Each Power Brick includes a backup uninterruptable power supply for xDSL, FTTx cable and 3/4G wireless network access equipment such as Modems, Routers, Switches and WiFi Access Points.

I have nothing but praise for their professional service and the best service I have ever received.

Len Haynes

My client was so happy with the out come as I was with your response and your professional service.

Sione AlouaLaser Electrical

The Lynxnet hub offers that middle ground of what most families need. It is well priced and has a sensible number of telephone, network and TV ports and can be easily housed in a small cupboard.

David Medland-Slater

I have been impressed with the ease of use and ability to easily govern outlets around the house for varied use eg. either phone or data. Well done on a great product.

Aaron Tuohy

Awesome IR repeater system and works very well with all devices including My Sky HDi devices. Others systems were unreliable but this one has proved its worth. Good support and quality. Easy to install.

Tarn Montgomery

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Stay Connected with a Lynxnet Power Brick

Get a FREE Lynxnet Power Brick when you order a Lynxnet LN3200DH Distribution Hub online!